BALING PRESSES 20-100 t of pressure

Our presses are made of high-quality steel materials. They are equipped with powerful, compact hydraulic units and electrical control cabinets with an electronic control system. In the design and construction of each press, an emphasis is always placed on compliance with the latest safety standards and regulations.


• Pressing different types of materials
– paper, cardboard, film, cans, packaging, PET bottles, etc.

• Hydraulic bale tilting
A mechanism that ensures the trouble-free tilting of the bale out of the compression chamber.

• Automatic pressing cycle
Easy and fast control – thanks to the electronic control unit, they just have to be switched on.

• Safe and easy operation
With all our presses, we place high demands on operational safety. All the equipment we manufacture conform to the relevant safety and health requirements of EU directives.

• Immediate sorting of material
Press designs with two or more chambers allow for the immediate and easy sorting of waste materials.

• Minimal space requirements
The presses are designed to require a minimal amount of space for their operation.

• Easy strapping of bales
It is carried out manually with a strap or binding twine. We always have appropriate strapping material for you in stock.