Terms and conditions


  1. Object of the contract

The electronic store (e-shop) is intended for businesses that purchase consumables and an auxiliary product assortment for the operation of baling presses, sorting lines and similar devices.  A condition for the placement of orders is to fill in the buyer’s identification number.

The purchase contract is created in electronic form, namely by agreeing to the purchase and the price in the application of the e-shop and the subsequent confirmation of receipt of the order by the system.

Deliveries outside the Czech Republic are only possible after an agreement.

  1. The price of goods and its maturity

The purchase price of the goods is determined upon the completion of the order. The buyer may choose a cash-on-delivery payment or an advance payment on the basis of an issued invoice. In the case of an advance payment, the goods will be dispatched only after the entire amount charged is credited to the account of the seller. The delivery time is extended by this period. The relevant invoice will be delivered with the consignment.

  1. Delivery of goods

The delivery time is up to 8 business days, and buyer agrees to deliver on any working day during this period. The goods will be delivered to the buyer’s address by a courier service. Unless the buyer states another requirement, goods ordered with in one order will be shipped as a single shipment. The buyer will be notified of the delivery of the goods in advance via e-mail or SMS.

The proprietary rights and responsibility for damage to the goods shall be transferred to the buyer upon their receipt at the place of delivery specified by the buyer. The buyer is obliged to ensure the takeover of goods on working days from 7:00 to 15:00.  If the buyer chooses a cash-on-delivery payment, the buyer shall be obliged to ensure that the person taking over the goods has sufficient funds to pay for the purchase price and shipping costs. The seller is not in delay with the delivery of the goods if the buyer fails to provide sufficient cooperation in their takeover. In such a case, the seller is entitled to the costs unnecessarily spent on the shipping of goods.

The shipping price is determined according to the weight of the shipment and is displayed to the buyer prior to the completion of the order. If the system is unable to automatically calculate the weight or COD price, it will be calculated and sent to the client for approval.

  1. Product characteristics, claims

The characteristics of the products must correspond to the parameters stated in the e-shop and must have the characteristics that are normal for the given products and their normal use.

Claims of quantity defects and evident defects must be made without delay after the goods have been taken over. Hidden defects can be claimed within 24 months after the takeover of the goods.

Product claims must be delivered to the seller in writing or via e-mail and must include a specification of the number of defective products and the nature of the defects. Unless agreed otherwise, the buyer is obliged to send the defective products to the Seller for an assessment of the defects.  If the Buyer properly claims the goods, the Seller is obliged to inform him/her of whether the claim is acknowledged and in what manner the Seller intends to settle the claim and must do so within 15 days.  In the case of a legitimate claim, the buyer is entitled to reimbursement of the costs incurred thereon in connection with the transport of the defective goods to the seller.