Little big helper L3-VK

Although it is the smallest hydraulic baler on the market, it is still popular among customers. We produce it in an unlimited range of colors according to the customer’s wishes. L3-VK is popular to use in many different types of establishments – from hospitals to hotels and restaurants, fast food businesses, to various smaller companies, where it saves space and costs for handling various types of waste.

What can it compress?

  • Cardboard
  • Beverage cans
  • PET bottles
  • Foam
  • Even wet waste in plastic bags

Why is it so popular?

One package has dimensions of 600 × 500 × 500-900 mm. Of course, it depends on the type of pressed material, but the finished package can weigh up to 60 kg. To make it easier to remove, the press has a movable side wall of the pressing chamber. Further facilitation of handling is provided by a mobile chamber, which can also be used as a collection container. The press itself is easy to operate and essentially maintenance-free.

The L3-VK press, like all our devices, can be operated comfortably by a single person who, thanks to safety features, does not have to worry about accidents at all. The capacity of the press can be increased by means of additional pressing chambers.

Accessories we can provide:

  • Mold for attaching a plastic bag

If you also like our little big press, contact our sales department – we will prepare a price offer for you.