How should be equiped modern collection yards

Waste collection yards serve citizens of municipalities, towns or regions to collect waste of various kinds. This, of course, helps to significantly reduce the risk of black landfills and thus contributes to improving the state of the environment.

What people bring to the collection yard

The types of waste that each collection yard receives vary from yard to yard. It is always advantageous for both the municipality and its citizens to provide the widest possible spectrum of information on their possibilities in the area of ​​waste management. It is also important to motivate people to sort the waste (and do it in correct way). The most commonly accepted types of waste are:

  • Plastics,

  • paper,

  • glass,

  • metals,

  • building rubble,

  • tires

  • and in some places also dangerous waste.

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Appropriate equipment

As is evident from the above list, not only open containers are needed for the collection yard. Of course a lot depends on the type of waste collected, but above all every modern collection yard should have a pressing facility where the volume of waste can be reduced by up to 1:10. As a result of the reduction in the volume of waste, there is considerable savings in the cost of transporting in comparison with uncompressed waste. When choosing the right type of equipment, it depends primarily on the size of the collection yard (the amount of waste generated). Thanks to a wide range of different types of equipment such as small balers with 3-12 t baling force, big balers 20-100 t, different types of pressing containers, stationary baler presses with trailers, but also fully automatic horizontal balers we can guarantee the highest efficiency of waste management.

For faster and easier waste management

PET bottle perforator is great for reducing PET bottle volume. In order to facilitate handling, but also to save time during waste handling, the tipping device for various types of collecting containers is well suited.

As a hot innovation we can introduce a pressing container, which is designed as a swap body placed on a truck, where it is connected to an energy source (electric, hydraulic). The container is designed for collecting containers of 120, 240, 770 and 1100 l, as it is equipped with a universal integrated tipping device.

Our goal is to bring the designers themselves to the idea of ​​collecting yards equipped with pressing equipment that is far more efficient and beneficial for the community than, for example, open containers. Therefore, we are also ready to provide you with contacts to companies dealing with grants from European funds.

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