Gravity chutes – efficient and ecological solution of waste or laundry logistics

Fortunately today, more and more of us think (eco)logically, and therefore we are not indifferent to how we handle our environment. At the same time, we are aware of the importance of hygiene and we are not careless to the aesthetic aspect of life.

The synthesis of our above mentioned needs can become the gravity chutes, used for the logistics of waste or dirty laundry. It is a solution that is perfect for hospitals and nursing homes, as well as banks, office buildings or apartment buildings.

How does it actually work?

Like most good ideas, it is based on a very simple principle – and as the name suggests, there is gravity involved. Pipes are built into the structure of the building. Then they flow into the basement, either into the laundry room (in case of laundry chutes) or into the technical room, where baling presses or waste collection containers are located. Dirty laundry or sorted waste in bags is thrown into the pipeline using a strategically placed throw-in door, which can be on any floor.

Main advantages of gravity chutes

  • They are cheaper than other waste or laundry logistics systems such as elevators, etc.
  • They are hygienic – any contact with waste material or dirty laundry is minimized.
  • It is possible to provide them with a separate fire-fighting or automatic cleaning and disinfection system.
  • They significantly speed up the transport of material to the technical room.
  • They have almost unlimited life.

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