Press containers for pressing waste of a larger size. This press container is designed according to the latest state-of-the-art trends in this field of mechanical engineering. We, of course, offer non-stop technical support (including service) for the press, the possibility to connect to the press software remotely via the Internet, etc. This press is the result of our more than 20 years of experience in the production of pressing technology, which is a sufficient guarantee of the quality of our products and services. The press container is produced according to DIN 30 722, but we also produce it according to other standards and the requirements of our customers. The press and all the other offered accessories meet all the latest operational safety requirements.

Technical data LK-VLK 14-VLK 19-VLK 22-VLK 24-V
Pressing force (t)33333333
Specific pressing force (kg/cm2)3,23,23,23,2
Loading hole size (mm)1940 x 13601940 x 13601940 x 13601940 x 1360
Compression chamber size (WxDxH) (mm)2050 x 1230 x 12802050 x 1230 x 12802050 x 1230 x 12802050 x 1230 x 1280
Compression chamber loading height (mm)1530153015301530
Compression chamber volume (m3)3,13,13,13,1
Lifting capacity (m3)1,41,41,41,4
Hourly output (m3/h)90909090
Work cycle time (s)50505050
Weight of compressed material (t)až 5až 7až 8až 8,5
Power consumption / Voltage / Fuse (kW/V)5,5 / 400
Elektrical safety (A)25A/C
Weight (kg)3640402041924390
Machine dimensions (WxDxH) (mm)2430 x 5210 x 25502430 x 6460 x 25502430 x 7120 x 25502430 x 7720 x 2550
Shipping dimensions (WxDxH) (mm)2430 x 5210 x 25502430 x 6460 x 25502430 x 7120 x 25502430 x 7720 x 2550



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